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52062D   Amp Box Grommet
PTP-211212   Ball Jar
358995R91   Battery Cable
358283R91   Battery Cable to Starter
351956R91   Battery Cable to Starting Motor
69510DA   Battery Ground Cable
358990R91   Battery to Ground
358163R91   Battery to Start Switch
363504R1   Battery, Cable Support
51690D   Battery, Hold Down Rubber, Short
352121R11   Bracket, Rear Light
352121R11*   Bracket, Rear Light with Cable Clip
321162R91   Brake Disc
368181R92   Brake Disc
368183R91   Brake Disc
368292R92   Brake Disc
384166R92   Brake Disc
61084D   Brake Spring: Super H, SMTA-450
29999D   Brass 1/4" Coupler: gauge to 1/4" pipe
29899D   Brass Fitting, Fuel Line
29898D   Brass Oil Gauge Fitting: 1/4" Pipe to 1/4" Tube
1156   Bulb 12 volt
1129   Bulb 6 volt
358113R92   Cable from Generator F to Regulator F Terminal
358112R92   Cable Generator A Terminal to Regulator
351911R1   Cable Harness Shield: 351911R1
354304R91   Cable, Socket to Switch, with Spring
Case-Amp-20-20   Case Amp Gauge
CaseFP-BL   Case Fuel Pressure Gauge
CASEFP-BRN   Case Fuel Pressure Gauge
Case-OP30   Case Oil Pressure Gauge
Case-OP60   Case Oil Pressure Gauge
case-vg   Case Vacuum Gauge
Case-WT   Case Water Temperature Gauge
385156R1   CASE/IH Steering Wheel
117384C1   Choke Cable
362425R93   Choke Cable
363709R95   Choke Cable
363710R93   Choke Cable
369689R93   Choke Cable
371796R92   Choke Cable
374217R92   Choke Cable
374218R92   Choke Cable
374219R93   Choke Cable
374251R93   Choke Cable
374254R91   Choke Cable
378833R93   Choke Cable
529926R1   Choke Cable
1002871C1   Choke Cable 1002871C1
361526R1   Choke Cable Support
557759D   Choke Rod: Farmall A, B
351444R1   Choke Rod: Farmall C, Super C, 200
51822D   Choke Rod: Farmall M, MV
357420R1   Choke Rod: Farmall Super M
358488R1   Choke Rod: Farmall W-4
350744R1   Choke Rod: Farmall 100, Super A, SAV
51763D   Choke Rod: Farmall H, HV
355705R91   Choke Rod: Farmall SM-TA
356893R1   Clips for Seat Hinge Pin
382733R93   Cluster Gauge: Fuel/Temperature
534057R2   Cluster Gauge: Oil Pressure/Temperature
357929R92   Coil to Distributor
353268R92V12   Combination & Rear Light Assembly (12 Volt)
353268R92V6   Combination & Rear Light Assembly (6 Volt)
374885R91   Combination Rear Light Assembly Cable (Guide)
CRB-2   Control Rod Bracket
cubcr09   Cub Choke Rod
405023R2   Cub Intake Exhaust Manifold
351030R91   Cub Radiator Cap
2751876R1   Decal Kit: IH 140
353942R91   Distributor to Coil Cable
PTP-D-PC   Donaldson Pre-Cleaner Decal
359361R1(long)   Farmall Control Rod (long): Super M, SMTA
359361R1(short)   Farmall Control Rod (short): Super M, SMTA
49404D   Farmall Hood Emblem
354473R91   Farmall IHC Amp Gauge 354473R91
42383DC   Farmall IHC Amp Gauge 42383DC
360053R91   Farmall IHC Doc Amp Gauge 360053R91
359481R11   Farmall IHC Fuel Line 1954 Super H
358040R11   Farmall IHC Fuel Line 1954 Super H (Distillate Line)
361494R11   Farmall IHC Fuel Line 300-350
51498DX   Farmall IHC Fuel Line A, B
350623R11   Farmall IHC Fuel Line Super A, C
356355R11   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: Super A, Super C, 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240
58749DX   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: W-4
365339R11   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: 400, 450
370073R11   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: 460, 560
378934R11   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: 504
383169R11   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: 706, 806
58366DX   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: H
52643DX   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: H Distillate
60684DX   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: M, Super M
60684DX*   Farmall IHC Fuel Line: SM-TA
100130GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall 100, 130, 140
20023030GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall 200, 230
AB3946GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall A, B
3946GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall H, M, W
GSD4754   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall MD, SMD, SMTA-Diesel, WD-9
300350RC   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall 300-350 Row Crop
F300450GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall 300-450
400450DC-5   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall 400-450 Diesel Row Crop & Wheatlands
460GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall 460
CSC4754GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall C, Super C
4754GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall H, Super H, M, Super M, SMD, SMTA, W, SW
SASA1GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall Super A
U300350GS   Farmall IHC Gauge Set: Farmall Utility 300, 350
258634R91   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 258634R91
31041DB   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 31041DB
31041DB-Circle-C   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 31041DB Circle C
362039R91   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 362039R91
362177R92   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 362177R92
362177R92-SI   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 362177R92
364665R91   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 364665R91
41934DB   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 41934DB
43987DB   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 43987DB
43987DB-C   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 43987DB-C
43987DB-IH   Farmall IHC Oil Gauge 43987DB-IH
353868R91   Farmall IHC Temperature Gauge 353868R91
406989R91   Farmall IHC Temperature Gauge 406989R91
53619DB-19   Farmall IHC Temperature Gauge 53619DB
53619DC   Farmall IHC Temperature Gauge 53619DC
536960R1   Farmall IHC Temperature Gauge 536960R1
537570R1   Farmall IHC Temperature Gauge 537570R1
63783D   Farmall IHC Temperature Gauge 63783D
67135D-19   Farmall IHC Temperature Gauge 67135D 19" Lead
67135D-30   Farmall IHC Temperature Gauge 67135D 66" Lead
366557R1   Farmall Steering Wheel
378426R91   Fuel Gauge
369992R11   Fuel Line: Cub with Underslung Exhaust
350968R11   Fuel Line: Cub with Vertical Exhaust
260390R93   Fuel Pressure Gauge, Diesel 260390R93
378427R92   Fuel Sender Unit
354232R91   Fuse Housing (Assembled w/ Fuse)
23995DA   Gas Cap: Embossed
PTP500R1   Gas Gauge Float
356937R91   Generator to Relay Cable
53525DA   Head Light Ring
358916R91   Headlight Harness
362011R91   Headlight Harness
365022R91   Headlight Harness
370314R91   Headlight Harness
351917R92   Headlight Harness Serial # 501-159454
66724DB   Headlight Post
356892R2   Hinge Pin for Seat with Clips
48707DA   Hood Clamp Hook Spring
48707DA-set   Hood Clamp Hook Spring- Set of 4
50997D   Hood J Hook 50997D
58146D   Hood J Hook 58146D
58147D   Hood J Hook 58147D
50997D-S   Hood J Hook Set
PTPH   Hose: 1 5/8" 1 9/16"
3958M-450   HOSES & CLAMPS
4758C200   HOSES & CLAMPS
358110R92   Ignition Cable Switch to Magneto or Distributor
358109R92   Ignition Harness
62801DC   Ignition Switch with Distributor
557282R91   IH Steering Wheel- M, MD, Super M, Super MD, 400
355423R91   Knob, Metal Knurled Rear Light Switch
PTP359361R1   L Bracket for Control Rod: Super M, SMTA
1918322   Lever for Starter Switch
51675DC   Light Bar
350920R1   Light Bar Clamp
387729R92   Light Combination Rear & Tail
53527D   Light Gasket
350478R1   Light Lens, 5" Old Style Tear Drop
PTP596   Light Switch 12V 3 Position
PTP595   Light Switch 6V 3 Position
354243R92   Main Harness
358161R91   Main Harness
358992R91   Main Harness
358993R93   Main Harness
366839R91   Main Harness
368859R91   Main Harness
371032R91   Main Harness
368883R91   Main Harness (12 Volt)
366314R91   Main Harness (6 Volt)
59321C91   Main Harness (Cub Cadet)
52974D   Main Harness (Farmall H with Relay) 1939-1950
354231R92   Main Harness (Farmall Super A)
359769R91   Main Harness (Farmall Super H-2)
358286R91   Main Harness (Super M2)
359769-10SI   Main Harness for 12 volt
350732R91   Main Harness with Relay
48889DA   Muffler Clamp: Farmall A, Super A, B, C, Super C, 100 thru 230
351437R1   Muffler Clamp: Farmall Cub
350602R1   Muffler Clamp: Farmall H, Super H, M, Super M, SM-TA, M
Tshirt   Precision Tractor Parts T-shirt
352612R91   Precleaner Assembly (1 3/4" ID)
356254R91   Precleaner Assembly (1 3/8" ID)
59096D   Precleaner Assembly (2 1/4" ID)
59095D   Precleaner Assembly (2" ID)
55330D   PTO Rod: Farmall H
PTP314   PTO Rod: Farmall Super M
360181R91   PTO Shield
66387DAXA   PTO Shield
66424DBX   PTO Shield

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